Yacht harbor to be established between Dahab, Saudi Arabia

Dahab in South Sinai is a fun place if you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of simple Bedouin life, and could be an attractive destination for Arab tourism, which is the dream of Bedouin youth.
The dream began here, with the ambitious sons of Dahab to construct a yacht harbor between Dahab, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, to attract rich tourism.
Tourism expert Gabaly Ali said he submitted a suggestion to the military leaders in South Sinai and to the Sinai governor, who approved the idea, especially given that the land of the project is owned by the armed forces.
Head of Dahab Businessmen Association Galal Daeya said establishing a harbor for yachts between Saudi Arabia and Dahab is already under construction by the armed forces.
Daeya said he and other businessmen met with South Sinai governor and Red Sea Ports authority officials over the project.
The harbor hopes to generate 4,000 tourists to the area a day. 
Tourism expert Salah Edris said the yacht project is a national project that targets Arab tourism. The tourists would spend a night or two nights a week in the city, he said.
Establishing a yacht harbor targets rich Saudi tourists and links Dahab with Majna area in Saudi Arabia, said Dahab Mayor Emad Elwan.
The distance between Dahab and Saudi Arabia is 20 nautical miles that could be traveled by fast yachts in half an hour, he said.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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