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Year Ender: 2010’s 8 best restaurants

With over 50 restaurant reviews to peruse in Al-Masry Al-Youm’s Life Style Food section, coming up with the top 8 was a daunting task. We take our food very seriously at Al-Masry Al-Youm and we know that our readers take it seriously as well. So our food year ender is, in a sense, a little awards ceremony for some of the best food we’ve eaten this year.

AMAY’s restaurant pick of 2010: Aperitivo
Up for a much deserved repeat review, Aperitivo, first reviewed a month after opening, has maintained its stellar gastronomical reputation as well as its top-notch service. Everything from the flavored breads to the terrific Tiramisu reminds diners that Apertivo aims to please and succeeds in doing so. The truffle pasta, the black risotto the baked fish… there is simply no end to the favorites suggested by the clientele. Aperitivo will set you back a nice sum for a dinner with cocktails but your stomach will thank you for the treat.

The best newcomer: Fandira Seafood Delivery
Although still trapped in a quiet Maadi neighborhood, Fandira’s creativity and quality have allowed their quiet voice to carry a long way. Above and beyond Fandira’s already tasty selection of scallops in beef bacon and secret spice fried calamari, Fandira has recently launched a catering menu of finger food for events and gatherings.

The most creative: Fairmont Napa Grill
We send applause to the Faimont Nile City for their extensive burger craze promotion—with one or two new burgers every week this summer, the Napa Grill clientele were introduced to burger toppings that ranged from a caprese salad and pineapples to goat cheese and olive tapenade. During a particularly extensive office tasting session, Al-Masry Al-Youm staff “mmm’ed” and “aaah-ed” through bite after bite of gourmet burgers. Responding quick to popular demand, the grill made the burgers available for delivery to offices in the Nile City Towers.

The best value for money: Halal Bagkok
One of our investigative foodies headed out on the streets to find a well-hidden Thai restaurant run by Thai Azhar students in Abbasseya. While the environment may have been less than accommodating, the service, food and price were stellar and for the particularly adventurous, Halal Bangkok is an AMAY recommendation!

The most consistent: Lucille’s
This Maadi favorite draws a crowd from all over Cairo as evidenced by a consistently long list of waiting tables on Friday and Saturday mornings when they offer breakfast all day. Is the food amazing? If you have no issues about the amount of fat in your food, the answer is yes. If you’re up for a light lunch, go elsewhere. Lucille’s Tex Mex dishes are always up to the same scrumptious standards, offered by well trained staff and a consistent policy as far as free drink refills on sodas and coffee are concerned. There are no taxes added to your bill–as they are included in the price of dishes.

The best family eatery: Alezba Village
Although considerably further away from Cairo, Alezba village is a great and manageable place to take your children and actually enjoy a bite and a quiet moment without keeping on guard. Restaurants with playgrounds have playground bullies and dirty sand but Alezba has enough options to keep your kids on the move without actually letting them out of your sight. If your kids need the playground, a trampoline is available–and the tasty grilled fare is worth the trek and the peace of mind. Added bonus: nature!

The best place for a date: Charwood’s
As date restaurants go, in many cases it’s better to impress with good food than with a ridiculously high bill. You may have a more economic view of life and even if you can afford to pay, you want to feel like you’re paying for something that is worth your hard earned money. The beauty of Charwood’s lies in its simplicity, its perfect lighting and, ofcourse, its fantastic food. Unless you have mastered the art of good steaks, at Charwood’s you are paying for great meat cooked just to your liking. For non-meat eaters, many claim that Charwood's has some of the best oven pizzas in town.’s-mohandessin-steak-your-dreams

The best high roller: Tamarai
Although only recently regarded as a restaurant, Tamarai has finessed its menu and offered up a number of tasty and creative dishes. It may not be the priciest restaurant in Cairo, but expect dinner for two to pass the LE 500 mark and with alcohol, or even double that. Tamarai’s recommended dishes still remain–cappucino’ed soup and the ostrich medallion glaze.


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