Culture Minister discusses protecting films from piracy

Culture Minister Gaber Asfour
17 Oct 2014
Minister of Culture Gaber Asfour held a meeting with members of the film industry chamber to discuss the challenges of Egyptian cinema and suggestions to solve them. Solutions included transferring assets of Egyptian cinema from the...

Abu Dhabi Film Festival to be held 23 October

Lebanese Director Bahij Hojeij (L) holds up his award for the Best Narrative Film from the Arab World for ''Here Comes the Rain'', during the award ceremony at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, 22 October 2010.
16 Oct 2014
Abu Dhabi Film Festival announced the schedule for the program "Dialogues in the Cinema" for this year, which will be held from October 23 to November 1.   The schedule includes a series of seminars about archiving movies,...

"The Citizen" to feature at San Francisco film festival

Actor Khaled al-Nabawy
15 Oct 2014
The Citizen, a 2012 production by 3K Pictures, Why Me Film, will feature in the San Francisco Arab Film Festival (10-23 October, 2014), Egyptian movie star Khaled Al-Nabawy said on his facebook page.   Nabawy said The Citizen, his...

National Center for Cinema to prepare national documentary films

14 Oct 2014
The National Center for Cinema is preparing a series of films under the title "Return of Spirit" to document the testimonies of a group of men of the National Movement in Egypt since the 1970s until today.   "These...

Culture Minister to open Alexandria Film Festival Wednesday

“Don’t Sign” by Ahmed A. Fotoh is a four-minute short screened at the Alexandria Film festival 2012. Equally emotive and didactic, the film is about a man making the right choice between corruption and his compassion for the martyrs of Egypt’s uprising. 
09 Sep 2014
Culture Minister Gaber Asfour will open on Wednesday the Alexandria Film Festival at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The festival is organized by the Egyptian Film Critics Association in coordination with the governorate and the Egypt Tourism...

Indonesia bans Hollywood epic 'Noah' over Islamic concerns

 Russell Crowe
25 Mar 2014
Indonesia has banned Hollywood biblical epic "Noah" starring Russell Crowe, censors said Tuesday, the latest Muslim country to stop the film being screened due to concerns it contradicts Islamic values.   Censors in the...

The Square: Story of lost revolutionaries

Protesters greet army soldiers as they stand guard on a street leading to Tahrir square where protesters gathered for a mass protest to support the army, in Cairo 26 July 2013.
02 Mar 2014
Today at 2am Cairo time, viewers from around the world will tune into the annual Oscars ceremony, where an Egyptian film has been nominated to win the "Best Documentary Feature" for 2014.   The Square, a documentary film...

Luxor film festival of African liberation, leaders’ families invited

10 Dec 2013
The Luxor Festival for the African Cinema announced on Tuesday the launching of a new section for movies carrying the theme of liberation movements in Africa.   The festival will feature films produced over the past 30 years, such as...

State-run authority releases a book on Jews in Egyptian Cinema

"Jews and cinema in Egypt and the Arab world" book cover
21 Nov 2013
The state-owned General Authority for Cultural Palaces has recently released the book “Jews and cinema in Egypt and the Arab world” by critic Ahmed Raafat Bahgat, to tackle the role of Jewish cinema makers and artists in the...

Women's international film festival to open Saturday

13 Nov 2013
The sixth Cairo International Women’s Film Festival (CIWFF) will open on Saturday, running from 16-22 November. 35 movies from 25 countries will be screened during the bumper festival.   CIWFF will open with a screening of...