Jordan’s film ‘Theeb’ tipped for landslide wins in Abu Dhabi

Screenshot from Jordanian movie "Theeb"
30 Oct 2014
Encouraged by an Orizzonti Best Director award won at the 71st Venice Film Festival, the first international award for Jordanian cinema, observers predict director Naji Abu Nowar’s long narrative “Theeb” could achieve a...

Egyptian actor Amr Waked on making movies at home and abroad

Amr Waked at Winter Discontent premiere
30 Oct 2014
Egyptian actor and film-maker Amr Waked, equally at home in Cairo and Hollywood, says the time is ripe for a host of other Arab stars to make it big abroad. Waked, an established celebrity in Egypt, has also appeared in a string of...

'The Wanted 18': The cows who endangered Israeli national security

The Wanted 18
29 Oct 2014
Filmmakers Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan showed their mix of documentary and stop-motion animation in "The Wanted 18" documentary at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, after it closely competed for the best film award in Toronto Film...

Kurdish movie recalls 25-year-old woes

Kurdish cinema director Shawkat Amin Korki
28 Oct 2014
In his third cinematic endeavor, "Memories on Stone," featuring at the narrative competition of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, director Shawkat Amin Korki sails through memory back to 1988, when late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein...

Filming of Cairo Local Time ends

28 Oct 2014
Director Amir Ramses has declared that the filming of his newest work, Cairo Local Time, has come to an end, adding that the latest scenes had been filmed in Cairo.   The movie stars Nour al-Sherif, Samir Sabry, Mervat Amin, Kenda...

'Tales' shows downsides of Iranian society in Abu Dhabi film festival

26 Oct 2014
The movie "Tales" is representing Iran this year in the Abu Dhabi film festival, which narrates a day in lives of seven character in Iranian society, all living under difficult circumstances.   The film, by Iranian filmmaker...

Screening rights for 200 movies forged, sold to Arab channel

“Al-Ins wal Djinn” (Man and Demon) did well at its time of release in 1985, probably due to its high-profile cast that includes regionally-revered comedian Adel Imam playing against type, and a young, anorexic-looking Yousra.
23 Oct 2014
Broadcast rights of 200 Egyptian movies and plays have been illegally sold to an Arab channel by a scammer, the Chamber of Cinema Industry at the Federation of Egyptian Industries disclosed.   The seller, who quoted a cheap rate of...

Culture Minister discusses protecting films from piracy

Culture Minister Gaber Asfour
17 Oct 2014
Minister of Culture Gaber Asfour held a meeting with members of the film industry chamber to discuss the challenges of Egyptian cinema and suggestions to solve them. Solutions included transferring assets of Egyptian cinema from the...

Abu Dhabi Film Festival to be held 23 October

Lebanese Director Bahij Hojeij (L) holds up his award for the Best Narrative Film from the Arab World for ''Here Comes the Rain'', during the award ceremony at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, 22 October 2010.
16 Oct 2014
Abu Dhabi Film Festival announced the schedule for the program "Dialogues in the Cinema" for this year, which will be held from October 23 to November 1.   The schedule includes a series of seminars about archiving movies,...

"The Citizen" to feature at San Francisco film festival

Actor Khaled al-Nabawy
15 Oct 2014
The Citizen, a 2012 production by 3K Pictures, Why Me Film, will feature in the San Francisco Arab Film Festival (10-23 October, 2014), Egyptian movie star Khaled Al-Nabawy said on his facebook page.   Nabawy said The Citizen, his...