50 families from Manshiyet Nasser protest demolitions

Fifty families from Nour Street in Manshyet Nasser refused to leave their homes for the fifth consecutive day with hopes of preventing the district council from demolishing their homes.
The district council said it is demolishing these homes because of the alleged spread of “random building and favoritism.” The residents have received letters granting them alternative housing units in Madinet el-Salam.
Electricity and water were recently cut as well.
Mostafa Ebada, head of the Manshiyet Nasser District Council reportedly decided to demolish the homes after a technical report suggested the homes be evacuated due to safety concernss.
However, according to Karim Hamdi, a local resident, the district council did not give the residents letters for alternative housing units because their national identity cards did not state that they lived in Manshiyet Nasser. Their contracts date back to the time of President Sadat, Hamdi added.
Mohsen Mahmoud, another resident, said more than 50 families had tied their children up in their homes to express their anger at the demolition orders. He also said district council officials have been insulting and mistreating residents.
The residents only receive the letters for alternative housing when the district council is kicking them out of their homes, Mahmoud added.
Meanwhile, the district council said the families refusing to evacuate their homes do not have the proper documents proving they have the right to alternative housing.
The demolitions will continue as soon as possible, he official added.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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