6 April movement calls for protest against police abuse

Opposition movement 6 April Youth is calling for a protest against Egyptian police abuse in front of the Interior Ministry on 25 January, a date the movement  labels “The Egyptian Intifada (uprising) Day.”

The group chose 25 January to correspond with the occasion of Police Day in Egypt. They called on all Egyptian opposition groups to take part in the protest.

In a statement, the movement asked participants to refrain from using slogans or banners and instead hold up only the Egyptian flag.

They said the protest is an effort to denounce Interior Ministry abuses and shortcomings, from torture that occurs in police stations–as happened to Khaled Saeed and El-Sayed Bilal–to the failure to protect citizens, as in the Alexandria church bombing.

On the social network Facebook, there were calls for a demonstration on the same day in front of the Interior Ministry under the slogan "Tunisia protested on the 15th and we will protest on the 25th.”

The call for the demonstration on Saeed’s fan page on Facebook has attracted 55,000 subscribers. Saeed is reported to have been tortured to death in a police station.

Meanwhile, National Democratic Party supporters created other pages opposing the idea of a demonstration. However, these pages attracted far fewer subscribers.

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