700 women compete for candidacy in parliamentary elections

The number of female members of the National Democratic Party competing to be nominated by the party for 64 parliamentary seats assigned for women has reached 700 across Egypt.

In Cairo, 27 women have applied to the party's general secretariat, with 25 applying in Giza, 25 in Helwan, 15 in 6th of October, 20 in Alexandria, 50 in Sharqeya, 23 in Minya, 35 in Sohag, 18 in Matrouh, 17 in Luxor, 13 in South Sinai, 13 in Fayoum, 30 in Daqahliya, 15 in Assiut, and 49 in Beheira.

One of the most prominent candidates is Fayza Abul Naga, Minister of International Cooperation, who is reported to have been nominated by the NDP for a "professional" seat in Port Said governorate, where more than 20 others are competing over the "worker" seat.

In Beheira, 49 females, including three journalists, applied to be nominated as candidates for worker and professional seats–quarter the number of male candidates in 13 electoral districts.

Hoda Rashad, a member of the NDP policy secretariat and women's committee, said the party has not chosen its candidates so far. Rashad added that the standards the party uses to select members for nomination include good reputation, popularity, efficiency, and experience. Shura Council candidates must hold higher degrees and have technical experience, whereas People's Assembly candidates must be "close to the people" and be popular among the electorate.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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