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Abou Hamed denies FJP accusations of trying to run over protesters

Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators apprehended former MP Mohamed Abou Hamed after he attempted to run over a number of protesters from the group, alleges the Freedom and Justice Party’s Facebook page.

A post on the page claims that Abou Hamed, a former MP and head of the Lives of the Egyptians Party, was caught in front of the Al-Rahman Al-Rahim Mosque on Salah Salem Street with a number of weapons in his car. However, further independent verification of the report was not available.

Brotherhood members have been demonstrating in front of the Rabaa al-Adawiyyah Mosque in Nasr City on Friday in support of President Mohamed Morsy. At the same time, thousands of the president’s opponents have been protesting in front of the presidential palace in Heliopolis.

Abou Hamed, meanwhile, denied the FJP account of the incident and filed a complaint against Salafi professor Abdallah Badr, saying that he attempted to incite his murder.

Abou Hamed claimed that he was heading to prevent clashes between Morsy's supporters and opponents but was surrounded by Brotherhood members in his car in front of the mosque. According to Abou Hamed, the Brotherhood members attacked him, and he also heard Badr calling on the crowd to kill him.

He added in a report filed with the Giza Security Directorate that he suffered injuries and his car was also damaged.

Abou Hamed was treated at the Salam International Hospital, and the Public Prosecution will start investigating the incident.