Activists, youth groups to protest on revolution anniversary

Political forces, activists and youth movements are calling on their supporters to hit the streets on 25 January to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the revolution and raise awareness of revolutionary goals and demands.

Mohamed al-Saeed, a member of the executive office of the Union of Revolutionary Youth, said, "The union is organizing a ceremony in Tahrir Square on the first anniversary of the 25 January revolution. It is not calling for renewed revolution as some powers and opposition movements are because we want more stability in order for the transition period to pass peacefully."

In statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm, Saeed said he rejects calls for violence and confrontation with the police and the army.

He said the union seeks to emphasize the civilian nature of the state and is demanding that the constituent assembly that will write the constitution be supported by political groups' consensus. The union is also calling for speedier trials of former regime figures and the setting of minimum and maximum wages to encourage social equality.

Meanwhile, Kefaya's general coordinator Mohamed al-Ashqar told Al-Masry Al-Youm that their demands include the formation of a revolutionary tribunal to try ousted President Hosni Mubarak and the "third party" that the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) routinely blames for violent incidents around the country.

Kefaya, also known as the Egyptian Movement for Change, will call on the SCAF to leave power and be replaced by a temporary presidential council composed of figures who have been active on the political scene — before, during or after the revolution — until a new constitution is drafted, Ashqar said.

Toqadom al-Khateeb, a member of the National Association for Change, said they are launching several campaigns to urge people to take part in protests on 25 January, including a door knocking campaign to distribute CDs and posters documenting the violations committed by the SCAF.

Another campaign, called "Corrupt," seeks to lay bare the corruption permeating state institutions, especially those still run by figures from Mubarak's National Democratic Party, now disbanded.

Khaled Tleima, a member of the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition, said the coalition is discussing ways to encourage Egyptians in villages to take part in demonstrations.

Tarek Zeidan, chairman of the nascent Egyptian Revolution Party, said the party is trying to mobilize the people to assemble in Tahrir on 25 January and called on political powers to agree on a unified set of demands on that day.

He said the first anniversary will not be a celebration but rather an open ended sit-in to mourn the revolution’s martyrs.

“The revolution has been hijacked — the numbers of martyrs and injured keep increasing, the military institution is sticking to its ways, and the killers of the revolutionaries have not been punished,” he said.

Translated from al-Masry Al-Youm

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