Al-Rayan granted extension on payment of LE900,000

Jailed businessman Ahmed el-Rayan was granted a grace period until Tuesday in order to pay back LE900,000, which he is obligated to return according to a court ruling issued in 2002. He is currently finishing procedures for his release after 23 years in prison.

Al-Rayan said that, because of poor health, he cannot spend the additional three months in jail required of him if he doesn't pay back the sum. The prosecution consented to his request.

At 11:30 AM, al-Rayan arrived at the North Giza prosecution office amid heavy security. He explained to the chief prosecutor, Othman Khafagy, that he cannot afford to pay the LE900,000. Instead, his children will try to collect it so that he can avoid a renewed prison term.

His daughter, Maha, said that she had trouble with security when she visited her father at the prosecution office. She noted that if she and her siblings fail to gather the money, they will try to reach an alternative agreement with the court on payment.

The decision stipulated that al-Rayan cannot be implicated in other lawsuits.

Recently, al-Rayan was referred to several security and judicial bodies in Cairo and Giza, and was acquitted in 70 cases.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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