Alexandria’s new tram offers commuters a luxurious ride

Khalid Elewa, head of Alexandria Passenger Transportation Authority (APTA) announced on Tuesday that Alexandria’s new tram has begun trial operation.

Elewa pointed out that the tram first operated without commuters in six trial trips under the supervision of experts from the Ukrainian technical committee. The tram’s trial operation later transported commuters and stopped in 30 lines starting from San Stephano’s station to Ras al-Tin Station.

“The new tram is a major turning point in the Egyptian public transportation system,” Elewa said. In hopes of solving pollution and traffic problems as well, he added that the tram will officially operate next week, with a ticket cost of LE 5.

Some of the services the 140-passenger tram provides includes Wi-fi internet service as well as GPS. The air conditioned tram is supported by rubber tires to decrease noise while moving, while electronic devices prevent skiing. An electronic fire alarm system included, alongside an alternate cooling system for when the air condition is crippled, in addition to backup windows.

A sound system that plays music is also enabled at the new tram, alongside an internal broadcast system that facilitates communication between passengers and the drivers for emergencies.

An external broadcast will announce the name of each stop.

Egypt has also signed a contract with Ukraine to import 15 electric locomotives from the “Tatra Yug” Company.

The Alexandria Tramway, the most used transportation mode in the city, has been operating since 1860.

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