Amazighi activist: New constitution recognizes cultural diversity in Egypt

Amany Weshahy, consultant at the World Amazigh Congress and head of the Mazran Center for Local Cultures, praised the final draft of the new constitution as it has put into consideration the cultural diversity of Egypt.
The draft, she says, contains an article preserving multiculturalism, by recognizing minorities such as the Amazigh.
Weshahy told Egypt Independent the committee drafting the constitution has responded to most of the demands of Amazigh during the sessions they attended.
She expects the constitution to represent minorities in Egypt in general, whether religious or cultural minorities, including the Amazigh, who are comprised of approximately 27,000 citizens living in the Siwa oasis.
The article included in the draft constitution on multiculturalism would allow the Amazigh living in Siwa to have a seperate constituency during elections so as to have a seat in the parliament, Weshahy pointed out.
More than 40 million Amazigh live in North Africa spread throughout different countries with multiple religions, sects and cultures.
Weshahy said the 2012 Constitution excluded minorities including Amazigh. She added having a representative for Sinai Bedouins within the committee drafting the constitution and another for Nubians was a healthy phenomenon that recognizes ethnic minorities in Egypt.

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