Amnesty International urges Egypt, Tunisia open borders with Libya for refugees

Amnesty International has called on Egypt and Tunisia to open their borders with Libya to guarantee safe passage and shelter for refugees, saying that restrictions imposed by both countries leave migrants and refugees with no other route out of the country but embarking on a unsafe sea trip to Europe.
“The world cannot continue to ignore its obligation to grant sanctuary to anyone fleeing such dreadful abuse. Neighbouring countries, including Tunisia and Egypt, must keep their borders open to ensure anyone fleeing violence and persecution in Libya is granted safe refuge,” said Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director Philip Luther in a report on Monday.
“Introducing measures to tackle smugglers without providing safe alternative routes out for the people desperate to flee conflict in Libya, will not resolve the plight of migrants and refugees,” he added.
Amnesty International also called on wealthy countries to increase the number of resettlement places available for refugees. It also urged the international community to take effective steps to confront human rights and international humanitarian law violations by all sides of the conflict in Libya.

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