Angry Rose al-Youssef workers block Qasr al-Aini

Hundreds of printing workers at the state-run daily newspaper Rose al-Youssef have blocked Qasr al-Aini in downtown Cairo, protesting against delayed financial dues and growing uncertainty over the current management.

Around 700 workers blocked off the vital Cairo street, clashing with angry motorists as traffic struggled to pass through.

“There is uncertainty over their financial dues,” Khaled Abdallah, 41, from Rose al-Youssef's production department, told Egypt Independent.

"There are rumours that the CEO resigned last night. We have nobody to talk to,” he added.

“Our salaries are often delayed for 2 weeks and overtime pay for over a month. Clinics and pharmacies refuse to treat us as our employers don't pay for the insurance."

Workers at the newspaper have not been paid bonuses since April and regular salaries continue to face delays.

Health insurance provisions have also been cut off due to management's failure to renew contracts with local hospitals and pharmacies.

The protest marks the second time Rose al-Youssef workers blocked off Qasr al-Aini, following a similar demonstration on Sunday afternoon.

Some workers claim payments have been delayed as punishment for the stance taken by the state-run institution against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood.

Protesters have threatened to launch an extended sit-in until Shura Council Speaker Ahmed Fahmy agrees to intervene on their behalf.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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