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Another hospital suspends work after new assaults on doctors occur

Doctors at Banha University Hospital in Qalyubiya decided Saturday to suspend work in the maternity department after some colleagues said they were assaulted by a person who claimed to be a police officer.
Three men accompanying a woman arrived at the hospital and asked for the woman to be checked by doctors, who refused to leave a more critical case they were handling, according to the Doctors' Syndicate, which quoted a complaint by workers at the hospital.
The situation developed when one of the men assaulted two doctors, claiming to be a police officer. The assaulted doctors were hospitalized at the neurology emergency department for medical care, the complaint said.
But a different version was told from the perspective of the Banha University board, which said the woman was suffering a severe hemorrhage, and that doctors had taken care of her before heading to an operation room for another case, which infuriated the woman’s relatives. The university denied the involvement of a police officer in the assault, stressing that police caught the assailants and referred them to prosecution.
The incident at the Banha hospital comes a few days after a crisis flared up between the Doctors' Syndicate and the Interior Ministry over an alleged assault by a police officer on doctors at Cairo’s Matareya Teaching Hospital, where doctors also staged a strike.
The syndicate says it will hold a meeting on February 12 to discuss a series of abuses against doctors by police in recent weeks.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm