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Armed conflicts continue to tear up Arab region: Report

The Arab report by Egypt’s Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights stated that 2018 has seen continued political and armed conflicts in several Arab countries, leading to a major humanitarian tragedy as these conflicts have caused a heavy death toll and led to a large number of displaced and asylum seekers.

According to the report, which focuses on human rights issues from the perspective of UN mechanisms, more than 70 million people need health care, including 16 million internally displaced in their countries and 32 million others facing food insecurity.

The report pointed out that the Human Rights Council has adopted 15 resolutions on Arab issues during the last year’s sessions.

This includes five resolutions concerning occupied Arab territories in Palestine and the Golan, with a clear condemnation of Israeli practices in these areas, four decisions concerning Syria dealing with the practices of the Syrian regime and terrorist groups, two on Yemen, and one concerning each of Libya, Sudan and Somalia, alongside a draft resolution by Egypt to highlight the impact of terrorism on human rights and to call for refraining from providing support to terrorist entities or persons .

The causes of these conflicts are widespread with gross violations of extrajudicial killings, torture, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances and unfair trials. With regard to terrorism, statistics indicate that the threat of terrorism continues to spread and that certain countries continue to support terrorist groups. 

Sixteen Arab countries out of a total of 22 countries are witness to terrorist crimes, the report states, adding that cooperation mechanisms to deterring terrorist organizations are  weak.

The report also listed the most important terrorist organizations responsible for terrorist incidents in 2018.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm