Army arrests 11 suspected terrorists in North Sinai

Armed Forces spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Aly said forces from the Second Field Army are storming criminal targets in North Sinai.

On his Facebook page, Aly added on Tuesday that forces have arrested 11 suspected terrorist elements, of whom two are Palestinians.

25 Central Security conscripts were killed on Monday when militants attacked them in Arish. The attack was the bloodiest since the killing of 16 border guards in August 2012.

A military funeral service was conducted for the 25 victims as soon as their bodies arrived at Almaza military airport on Monday. The service was attended by a representative for President Adly Mansour, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim and Army Chief of Staff Sedqi Sobhi.

Radical groups have been attacking the police and army since the ouster of President Mohamed Morsy from power in July. Dozens of security forces and terrorist elements were killed in the attacks.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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