Brotherhood calls for calm ahead of June 30

The Muslim Brotherhood has urged its members to avoid clashes with opposition groups ahead of mass protests planned for 30 June.
Brotherhood spokesperson Gehad al-Haddad said on Monday the group would not take to the streets to confront anti-government rallies calling for early presidential elections.
Members would only respond to protests if demonstrators rallied outside Brotherhood or Freedom and Justice Party offices, he claimed.
Some Islamist groups supporting President Mohamed Morsy had earlier announced plans to launch solidarity protests with the president on June 30.
Karem Radwan, a leading member of the FJP, claimed the Brotherhood would not promote violence during protests.
He accused opposition groups of trying to target the party’s political infrastructure, meanwhile demanding protection from the Interior Ministry.
A Brotherhood source blamed opposition groups, including the Tamarod campaign, for an attack on the home of Brotherhood leader Gamal Heshmat in Beheira on Friday.
Eleven suspects were detained on Sunday over alleged involvement in the attack on Heshmat’s home.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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