Egypt Independent

Brotherhood denies religious pressure on Constitution vote

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has denied involvement with any religious campaigns that call for a "Yes" vote in the constitutional amendments referendum set for Saturday 19 March.

The group said it is not responsible for banners appearing on the streets claiming that a positive vote is a religious duty.

Hussein Ibrahim, director of the Brotherhood administrative office in Alexandria, said his group's stance toward constitutional amendments is a political choice.

Banners urging approval of the amendments as a religious duty are incompatible with the group’s stated position of granting freedom to all individuals and institutions on the matter of the Constitution, he said.

The Muslim Brotherhood had previously used religious slogans to promote its candidates during the 2005 and 2010 parliamentary elections. “Islam is the Solution” was its slogan during the 2005 parliamentary elections.

Observers believe that the most organized groups in Egypt, namely the National Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, are the most likely to achieve large gains in the elections if conducted during the six-month transitional period specified by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Several political powers have rejected the proposed constitutional amendments and called for the formulation of a new constitution.

Translated from the Arabic Edition