Brotherhood leader in Alexandria sentenced to 15 years for inciting girls’ protests

On Wednesday, Alexandria's Sidi Gaber Misdemeanor Court sentenced Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Hendawy to 15 years in prison over charges of inciting protests by the 7am group, a minor girls' protest group loyal to deposed president Mohamed Morsy.
Hendawy had received a similar sentence in absentia, which legally required him to be retried. The court upheld the penalty today.
The 21 girls, mostly minors, had received an 11-year-sentence in 2013, which was later reduced to a suspended six months term. 
The girls' group was called the "7am Movement" as they protested in the morning on Alexandria's corniche, allegedly blocking traffic.
The verdict against the young girls had sparked an uproar both locally and internationally.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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