Egypt Independent

Brotherhood rejects cabinet reshuffle, demands technocratic government

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has announced its rejection of recent cabinet changes and demanded the replacement of Prime Minster Ahmed Shafiq’s government with an interim government consisting of technocrats to manage the country’s affairs during the transitional period.

The MB also denied that it had been contacted by government officials regarding these changes or that it had been offered any ministerial portfolios. The group went on to say that it did not intend to suggest the appointment any of its members in the current government, which it categorically rejects.

News of the cabinet changes has been leaked to the media, although an official announcement has yet to be made. Constitutional expert Yahya al-Gamal has announced his appointment as the new deputy prime minister and minister for legal affairs.

“With all due respect to its members, the MB rejects the incumbent government, which it sees as a remnant of the former regime,” said Essam al-Arian, a member of the MB’s Guidance Bureau. “The Egyptian people reject it, and the MB is a part of the people.”

“We reject any changes within the current government,” said leading MB member Mohsen Radi. "We demand its dissolution."

“We also demand the dissolution of the State Security apparatus, which has contributed in the torture and intimidation of the Egyptian people,” Radi added.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.