Brotherhood, Salafis and Sufis wage electronic war ahead of elections

Facebook has turned into an electronic battlefield for the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis and Sufis campaigning for seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections, as they increasingly criticize each other and promote their own candidates on the popular social network.

Sufis have quoted fatwas (religious edicts) by Salafis denouncing demonstrations and prohibiting women from being members of parliament, shown video clips about Salafi militant wings and promoted Sufi candidates, whom they call “relatives of the Prophet.”

The Brotherhood, on the other hand, has been posting the slogans it has been using in its parliamentary campaign, including “Islam Is the Solution” and “We Bear Good for Egypt.”

The group has also posted maps of Egypt's electoral districts and used illustrations to educate citizens on how to vote.

The Brotherhood has focused on spreading its party platform, which emphasizes social justice and combating corruption.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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