Brotherhood urges sticking to peaceful protests

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for protesters on Friday to continue demonstrating peacefully in order to protect Egyptian blood and “not give the military coup a chance.”
In a statement by the Brotherhood-led National Alliance to Support Legitimacy on Thursday, the group referred to conspiracies by police and intelligence to commit massacres against the people who responded to calls for to protest during 28 November.
They also called on their followers to avoid presence at places where armed forces and police personnel gather and to raise flags and revolutionary slogans in all of Egypt’s squares and streets.
The group stressed that the revolution will go on until military leaves power and retaliation for the martyrs, stressing that whoever carries out actions against the NASL decree or raises other slogans, is not part of the NASL revolutionaries.
The group concluded by warning protesters against intelligence and security personnel who could try and stir up violence to justify killing demonstrators. It also blamed the coup for any bloodshed that could occur during the event.

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