Campaign to support ElBaradei plans future action

Members of the Popular Campaign to support Mohamed ElBaradei will meet him this week to present their action plan for the coming period, said Abdel Monem Imam, member of the decision-making committee of the campaign. The meeting, Imam said, will focus on the campaign’s role during the legislative and presidential elections.
Imam said the campaign will also propose the nomination of some members of the campaign to run in the parliamentary elections.

A meeting between ElBaradei and members of the campaign in the governorates of Egypt will be arranged, according to Imam. The meeting will likely be held at ElBaradei’s home to avoid any clashes with security forces.
Imam said the campaign is currently made up of three groups, in Gharbiya, Daqahlia and Alexandria, with a fourth being formed in Beheira. ElBaradei’s petition has so far been signed by 9000 people.
In a related development, ElBaradei returned to Egypt on the same day that Hassan Nafaa, general coordinator for the National Association for Change, traveled outside the country, preventing communication between ElBaradei and members of the association.
Meanwhile, Mamdouh Qenawi, president of the Free Constitutional Party, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that he had been unable to contact ElBaradei and so phoned his brother Ali and his sister Laila instead. Qenawi said he wanted to complain about what he described as Hassan Nafaa’s "mismanagement" of the association. Qenawi further threatened to withdraw from the association if Nafaa continued to "take decisions individually."
"I will wait for a call from ElBaradei," he said.
A number of leftist activists announced they are forming a leftist platform to support the reform demands and nomination of ElBaradei. They said ElBaradei’s declarations are in line with the objectives of the left.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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