Car accidents decline by 24.6% in 2017: CAPMAS

The number of car accidents which occurred in 2017 recorded 11,098 incidents, declining by 24.6 percent, compared to 14,710 incidents in 2016, , the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) announced in a report on Wednesday.

Car accidents on roads resulted in 3,747 deaths, 13,998 injuries, and 17,201 damaged vehicles, the report added.

The CAPMAS attributed the decrease in accident rates to the development of the national road network.

According to the CAPMAS, 1,069 car accidents occurred in January, the highest rate in 2017, equal to 9.6 percent.

The lowest car accident rate was recorded in December, with 778 accidents, equal to 7.0 percent of the total accidents in all governorates in 2017, said the report.

The main cause of accidents was the human factor, with 78.9 percent of the total causes, followed by defects in the vehicle with 14 percent , and then environmental causes and the road condition with 2 percent of the total accidents.

The total death toll from car accidents dropped to 3,747 in 2017, compared to 5,343 deaths in 2016, recording a decrease of 29.9 percent. The number of injured victims decreased to 13,998 in 2017, compared to 18,646 in 2016, recording a decline of 24.9 percent, the report mentioned.

Death toll in the age group between 25 to 44 years old recorded to 282 deaths in 2017, compared to 354 deaths in 2016, with a decrease of 20.3 percent, the report added.

The number of train accidents recorded 1,793 incidents in 2017, compared to 1,249 incidents in 2016, recording an increase of 43.6 percent.

The largest number of train accidents occurred in the Delta region, recording 1,134 incidents, equal to 63.3 of the total train accidents in 2017.

The lowest number of train accidents occurred in central Egypt recording 221 accidents, equal to 12.3 percent of the total train accidents in 2017.

The highest number of rail accidents was for the collision of vehicles with the gates of the railway level crossing, which amounted to 1,435 cases, equal to 80 percent of the total railway accidents in 2017, the report said.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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