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Church postpones Badie visit after Coptic protest

The Coptic Orthodox Church postponed a meeting with Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie

that was scheduled for Tuesday, Pope Tawadros II’s secretary said, as well as other meetings with foreign delegations.

Bishop Ammonius told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the church decided to postpone due to political and security unrest. However, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram speculated that the cancellation was a result of Coptic protests against the supreme guide’s visit.

A number of Copts had organized a protest inside the Abbasseya Cathedral on Monday, Al-Ahram reported, rejecting the visit and questioning its timing. As mass protests were scheduled for Tuesday, protesters said, why was this day chosen for Badie to congratulate Tawadros on his ordainment?

According to the state mouthpiece, protesters interpreted the visit as a way to pressure the church to return its representatives to the Constituent Assembly.

They raised banners calling on the Tawadros not to give in to the Brotherhood, stressing that they’ll support his stand against the Brothers. They chanted, “Down with the supreme guide’s rule” and “Bread, freedom, down with the Constituent Assembly.”