Constituent Assembly back to work despite protests

The 50-member constitutional committee, headed by Amr Moussa, resumed its work in closed meetings on Wednesday.
Members who suspended their membership in protest against a police crackdown of demonstrations against military trials on Tuesday also joined the meetings.
Moussa said he only learned about members suspending their membership from the media.
Mosaad Abu Fajr, one representative who suspended his membership on Tuesday but resumed attending sessions the next day, said that he received information that the Cabinet would review the law regulating demonstrations.
"Many will rethink their position in light of the decision from the Cabinet," he explained.
Mohamed Abla, another member who had suspended his membership, said that the committee would not suspend its work and that his position was in protest against the way security forces dealt with demonstrators.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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