Court postpones trial for Egyptian accused of spying for Israel

An Egyptian court on Wednesday postponed the trial of an Egyptian businessman accused of spying for Israel.

A judicial source said the Supreme State Security Court postponed the trial to 16 April to allow the defense team more time to prepare.

Egyptian authorities said in December that business owner Tarek abdel Razeq, 37, was detained on charges of attempting to recruit two telecommunications employees to spy for Israel.  

Abdel Razeq, who owns an importing and exporting business, accused prosecutors of fabricating the allegations and said the devices found in his possession during investigations were not his.

According to Egyptian news reports, Hussein is also accused of recruiting agents in Syria and Lebanon to work for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

State Security prosecutors also accused Hussein of receiving US$37,000 from Mossad to spy for Israel.

Two Israeli Mossad officers are also being tried in absentia.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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