This day in history: Colonial-era PM Nuqrashy assassinated

On this day in history, 28 December 1948, former Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmoud Fahmy al-Nuqrashy was assassinated by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Nuqrashy was one of the leaders of the 1919 Revolution against the British occupation and a member of Wafd Party which led the revolution. 
He took office as prime minister several times, one of which was in 24 February 1945, when the country was roiling with a wave of protests, to which Nuqrashy responded harshly. 
Under his government, Egypt became a member at the United Nations for the first time. On 5 December 1947, during a UN Security Council session, he called upon Britain to leave Egypt unconditionally.
Nuqrashy dissolved the Muslim Brotherhood in 8 December 1948. Twenty days later, he was assassinated outside the elevator on his way up to his residence by gunshots from Abdel Meguid Ahmed Hassan, a Brotherhood member dressed in a police officer’s uniform. He was sentenced to death.
Commenting on the assassination, Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna said perpetrators were “neither Brotherhood nor even Muslims.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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