Discussion of military’s status may be postponed until after elections

The military council and government may postpone discussion of granting special status to the armed forces in a new constitution until after elections, informed sources have said.

The controversial issue sparked outcry from many political groups when Deputy Prime Minister Ali al-Selmy released a draft constitutional principles document granting the military additional powers and exempting it from budgetary oversight, prompting Selmy to reverse course. The debate could be revisited after the new parliament elects the constituent committee tasked with writing the constitution, according to the sources.

Legal expert Yehia al-Gamal said arms budgets and contract details could be the responsibility of the armed forces, while parliament should approve the general framework of the military budget.

Political forces have suggested that the constituent committee be elected by a majority vote in parliament, not a mandatory two-thirds.

Islamists plan to protest Friday against the document specifically articles 9 and 10 which they say interferes with the new parliament's ability to select the constituent committee following elections.

Ahmed Abu Baraka, legal adviser to the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, said the Brotherhood would abstain from Friday’s demonstration if the disputed articles of the document are omitted.

Salafis have confirmed their plans to participate and rejected the document regardless of any amendments.

“We categorically refuse them,” said Yousry Hammad, Nour Party spokesman.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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