Dispute inside NCHR over Sinai dispatched mission

The National Council for Human Rights is currently in the midst of an internal dispute after the council's office complained of a mission dispatched to Sinai without coordination with the council's Sinai office.
The Sinai unit, headed by Salah Salam, sent a fact-finding mission in January to inspect human rights violations in Sinai. The mission issued a statement which included recommendations that have not yet been implemented.
The recent mission aims to follow up on the implementation of the first mission's recommendations, according to an informed source.
Salam told Al-Masry Al-Youm that he was not informed about the recent visit and was surprised to receive a phone call from the North Sinai governor inquiring about the mission dispatched by the NCHR. Salam said he was not aware of the objectives of the dispatched mission.
"Our visit to Sinai last January was to observe the latest developments in Sinai," said Salam. "We issued a report with a number of important observations and recommendations to prevent the aggravation of the crisis, as the situation was not good."
"We spotted the displacement of more than 1,800 families. The number has currently doubled," he added.
Salam said the situation in Sinai remains serious, especially given that the winter season will start soon.
‚ÄčEdited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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