Political leadership pays significant attention to Sinai development

Member of the Egyptian committee representing Egypt at Taba Boundary Arbitration Ambassador Hussein Hassouna said the political leadership pays significant attention to the development of Sinai Peninsula by embarking on mega national projects in partnership between the public and private sectors.

“Sinai is witnessing an unprecedented urban growth and expansion of agricultural land; not to mention the mines, water plants, ports, schools, universities, and tourist resorts that were built after the Armed Forces had managed to purge the peninsula of terrorists and criminals, with the help police authorities and Sinai residents,” Hassouna added in statements to MENA Monday on the occasion marking the 41st anniversary of Sinai Liberation.

He stressed that one of the important lessons derived from the October War victory and the Sinai Liberation Day was the importance of national unity as the key to success, and the fact that military and diplomatic efforts complement each other.

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