Dostour Party: President Morsy “lost his mind”

The opposition Dostour Party has urged the Armed Forces to intervene to protect Egyptians following a speech by President Mohamed Morsy on Tuesday, in which he defied mass protests demanding his removal and said he would fight to the death to defend his legitimacy.

In a statement on Wednesday, the party, lead by Mohamed ElBaradei, asked that the army “protect the lives of Egyptians after Morsy lost his mind and instigated bloodshed.”

The statement accused Morsy of bias towards "the faction he belongs to," referring to the Muslim Brotherhood, whose members reportedly engaged in bloody encounters with anti-Morsy demonstrators in several provinces over the past few weeks.

The Dostour Party said Morsy "spurred his supporters to fight against the sons of the same nation, claiming to protect a legitimacy that he lost through a series of illegitimate measures."


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