Dubai police chief likens Brotherhood to ‘Mafia’

Dubai Police Chief Dahi Khalfan slammed the Muslim Brotherhood at a seminar in Dubai, comparing the group's organizational structure to "the Mafia."

At a seminar held in Dubai on Monday, he claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood used to seize the money allocated to charity and are currently planning to control the treasuries of the states where they operate.

"What we hear about the Brotherhood reminds us of the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," he said, alleging that like the Mafia, the group has a small decision-making core that controls everything.

Former Brotherhood leader Sayyed al-Meligui also attended the seminar, organized by al-Misbar Center for Studies and Research, an organization that specializes in studying Islamic movements. "Hatred for the Brotherhood increased after they reached power in Egypt — their negative nature became obvious to everyone,” he said during the seminar.

Meligui, who was a member of the group for 40 years and became a member of its Shura Council, said, "Members of the group in Egypt do not exceed 200,000. The Egyptian opposition is much bigger than the group but they are disorganized."

"The Brotherhood are acting as God's chosen people and consider themselves to be better-thinking and are full of themselves," he claimed, also alleging that the Brotherhood has a secret organization whose men are the most powerful in the group.

"The Brotherhood is ignorant about religion and politics, though it claims otherwise. The group refuses to uncover how much money it has and how it got it. Any of its members who attempts to find answers to those questions are expelled," he said.

The UAE arrested 60 Emiratis who belong to the Brotherhood, which remains an outlawed group in the country, in July. They are still being questioned.

A local Emirati paper said the suspects said they belong to a secret organization with a military wing whose goal is to seize power and establish a religious government using illegal means.

Edited translation from DPA

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