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Egypt authorities arrest Mohamed Ramadan’s honorary doctorate grantor

Security services in Egypt arrested the organizers of the Creativity Pyramid Festival on charges of defrauding citizens and seizing their money in exchange for granting them false educational certificates.

The Creativity Pyramid Festival granted Abu al-Leif, Mohamed Ramadan, and a number of other artists and some Arab figures certificates and honorary doctorates.

Minister of Education Reda Hegazy announced that the ministry and its leadership have no connection at all with Creativity Pyramid Foundation and the competitions or nominations it announces to select prominent figures in the field of education.

Hegazy said that legal measures will be taken against the institution for exploiting an old photo of the ministry’s leaders to promote the sale of honorary doctorates and honor innovators in exchange for obtaining sums of money from the participants.

The sums asked ranged between LE1,500 and LE4,500 from each individual.

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