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Egypt calls on foreign residents to quickly legalize their status by June 30

Egypt called on all foreigners residing in the country to quickly refer to the General Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality to renew their residency and legalize their status, during the period granted by the Prime Minister until June 30.

The government called on all foreigners – especially groups exempted from paying residency fees –  to go to the General Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality to register their data and obtain a smart residence card to ensure their continued access to the services provided to them in all government sectors.

The cabinet issued a decision last year stipulating that foreigners applying for the right of residence for tourism or non-tourism purposes must submit a receipt indicating that they have transferred residency fees, late fines, or the costs of issuing a residency card in US dollars or the equivalent in foreign currencies, through certified banks or exchange companies.

Foreigners residing in the country illegally must regularize their status and legalize their residency so long as they have an Egyptian host, in exchange for depositing administrative expenses equivalent to US$1,000 at an Egyptian bank.

The International Organization for Migration in 2022 stated that Egypt hosts nine million migrants of different nationalities, who enjoy all the basic rights of work, trade, transportation and ownership alongside native Egyptians.


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