Egypt calls on Reuters to correct false news about EVER GIVEN ship ‘swinging back’ in Suez Canal

The Egyptian Information Authority called on Reuters news agency to correct a story published on Monday afternoon, in which it claimed that the stranded EVER GIVEN ship had swung back and was swept away by more wind, blocking the Suez canal again. 

The Egyptian Information Authority said that this false news came at a time when Egypt had just fully refloated the ship.

Journalist Diaa Rashwan, President of the Authority, said, “The authority contacted Reuters agency officials in Cairo to correct this fatal professional mistake, which came at the precise time, as the world was holding its breath and watching the tremendous Egyptian efforts to end the crisis and reopen the canal. This untrue news (caused) moral and material damage to the image of the Egyptian efforts, and to the interests of many international parties affected by the crisis.”

Rashwan said that Reuters published an extensive report on the return of navigation in the canal, which included a review of the Egyptian efforts, and also included a paragraph indicating that after several hours of partially floating the ship, it was stranded again.

Rashwan stated that this report is not sufficient, adding that the Information Authority has officially requested from Reuters to deny the false news, and also called on it to abide by the internationally recognized rules for the profession of journalism, especially in such critical circumstances.

He emphasized that, in light of the agency’s response, the Information Authority will be entitled to take measures against the agency in accordance with  Egyptian and international law.

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