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Egypt debates upcoming referendum on constitutional amendments

Political movements and parties in Egypt continued to dispute whether to approve or reject the proposed constitutional amendments slated for a nationwide referendum on March 19.

During a conference at the Journalists’ Syndicate, 16 political parties and movements announced their rejected of the proposed amendments and called for the creation of a new constitution.

The movements also renewed their calls for protests against the amendments to be held on Friday. The Alliance of Women's Organizations also announced their rejection of the amendments.

Supporters of the amendments include the Muslim Brotherhood, the Wasat Party, and the Labor Party.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces published an online map that illustrates the locations of the various polling stations for Saturday's referendum. The map shows polling stations located in schools in various districts across the governorates.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Mansour al-Essawi said that security forces need to ensure the smooth running of the voting process.

Translated from the Arabic Edition