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Egypt discusses preserving rights of Egyptian labor in Kuwait before returning

The volume of Egyptian labor in Kuwait has reached 1.8 million people, and work is underway to discuss the best ways to preserve their rights before returning to Egypt, Magdy al-Badawy, Vice-President of the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, said.

Badawy added, during a telephone interview with TV presenter Azza Mustafa, on the Tahrir Hall program on Sada al-Balad channel, Kuwait’s decision to end the service of expatriates is a legitimate right of the Kuwaiti state, and the matter is not surprising, because there were indications of this decision.

Badawy added that the Ministry of Manpower is trying to limit the Egyptian workers that can be dispensed with in Kuwait, upon this decision, pointing out that from time to time the State of Kuwait sacks its workers whose contracts are about to expire.

Badawy added that workers in the municipalities are the category to which the first stage of the process of ending the service of expatriates will be applied, and then two other stages will follow, explaining that every six months, 33 percent of the volume of expatriate workers in Kuwait will be dispensed with for all nationalities.

He stated that ending the service of expatriates in Kuwait would affect Egyptians’ remittances from abroad.

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