Egypt Govt prepares for importing Kenyan meat to reduce prices

The Ministry of Agriculture is sending a veterinary mission to Kenya to inspect Kenyan slaughter houses in preparation for importing Kenyan meat. The ministry hopes that increased local market supply will reduce prices.

“We will make sure they apply international standards,” said mission leader Sayed Gad al-Mawla.

The ministry has also imported 2500 cows from Ethiopia, which are expected to arrive in a few days.

“We aim to improve economic relations with African countries, especially those of the Nile Basin,” said Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza.

Abaza also said that Egypt imported goods from Kenya for US$200 million last year. “What facilitates trade between the two countries is that they are both members of the COMESSA,” he explained.

Mahmoud al-Garhy, head of the General Authority for Veterinarian Services, said Egypt imported 100,000 cows from Sudan and Ethiopia last year in addition to 310,000 camels from Sudan and Somalia.

“When added to the meat that we’ll import from Kenya, we should be able to bring prices down,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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