Egypt mulls inviting Iran to conference on Judaization of J’lem

The Egyptian government is reportedly thinking about inviting Iran to participate in a conference on Jerusalem scheduled for February.

Minister of Religious Endowments Hamdy Zaqzouq said on Thursday that Jerusalem was being Judaized by the Israeli occupation forces, which have stepped up efforts to rid the city of its original inhabitants and alter local historical landmarks.

“This is the reason we chose Jerusalem for the title of this international Islamic conference, which is scheduled to be held in Egypt,” Zaqzouq explained.

“I don’t care if I’m labeled 'antisemitic' for organizing the event,” he said. “After all, they [the Israelis] have proven themselves to be both anti-Arab and anti-Islam.’

“We don’t want to exclude any Islamic country from the conference,” the minister added. “And that's why we're thinking about inviting Iran.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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