Egypt praises North Korea’s decision to halt nuclear, missile tests

Egypt welcomed North Korea’s recently-announced decision to suspend its nuclear tests and missile launching, according to a statement issued by Egypt’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday.

The statement said that this development will enhance the climate of confidence-building and peace consolidation on the Korean Peninsula, thus opening the prospect for defusing tension in the region and will allow all its peoples to achieve development and stability.

The statement also affirmed Egypt’s consistent position on refusing the use or threats of using force in international relations and that international actors instead should rely on the peaceful settlement of international disputes. Egypt also stressed the need to achieve the full elimination of all nuclear weapons and to support the non-proliferation regime through achieving the universality of the treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

North Korea has announced that it will stop all nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile testing starting April 21 to fulfill a pledge made by Korean leader Kim Jong-un before his planned summit with US president Donald Trump.

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