Egypt ranks 35 out of 233 countries in scientific research

Based on reports from scientific indicator SCImago, the Egyptian Scientific Research Indicator (ESRI) declared on Wednesday that Egypt’s international ranking in scientific research is 35 out of 233 countries.

The ESRI noted that Egypt’s ranking has improved compared to its 2015 ranking of 37th place.

Egypt’s 2017 international ranking in Chemistry is 22; 31 in Energy; 32 in Engineering; and 30 in Medicine.

The data was collected from the SCImago Journal & Country Rank, a public portal that features the journals and country scientific indicators.

The ESRI is a monthly indicator issued by the Egyptian Science Technology and Innovation Observatory (ESTIO), which was established in February 2014. ESTIO is affiliated with the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and the Ministry of Scientific Research.

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