Egypt to resume pumping natural gas to Jordan in May

Egypt plans to resume pumping natural gas to Jordan by the beginning of May, a Jordanian government source has said.

The exports have been halted for several months because of 14 attacks on the pipeline, which also supplies gas to Israel, since last year. The last attack took place on 9 April.

Losses were estimated last year at US$1.41 billion due to the use of heavy fuel and diesel oil to generate electricity.

“Egypt informed officials at the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Wealth about re-pumping 100 million cubic feet of natural gas daily, with a possibility of reaching 150 million cubic feet later,” the source said Saturday.

Egypt pumped around 87 million cubic feet of gas per day to Jordan in 2011, in comparison to 220 million cubic feet daily in 2010 and 300 million cubic feet daily in 2009, according to Jordanian electricity officials.

Edited translation from MENA

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