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Egypt’s Consul General in Jeddah: Saudi to firmly address any political activity during pilgrimage

Egypt’s Consul General in Jeddah Adel al-Alfy said Saudi authorities will not allow any political activities during the pilgrimage season and would firmly address any such activities in conformance with the Saudi law.
Regarding calls on Facebook to hang half a million posters with the Rabaa al-Adaweya motto on Arafat, he said, “Saudi authorities have warned against using the pilgrimage season for any political activities and emphasized that it would address such acts firmly.”
At a press conference, he also denied claims that some members of the Egyptian community in Saudi Arabia are coordinating with the Muslim Brotherhood to print such posters.
“Pilgrimage is the biggest annual religious conference the world over and so there is no place for political grudges during pilgrimage. I call on all pilgrims from across the spectrum to enjoy the rituals of pilgrimage and to pray to God and dedicate their time to worship to ask for forgiveness without being preoccupied with worldly affairs.”
Edited translation from MENA