Egyptian couple dons diving gear to marry underwater

An Egyptian couple has tied the knot underwater, conducting their marriage ceremony surrounded by colorful fish at Dahab in the Red Sea.

Military officer Mohamed El Deeb and Nourhan Amr Abu Greisha, an amateur diver, posed for photographs beneath the waves along with a water-resistance cake and the bride’s father, Amr Abu Greisha, who is a professional diver.

The groom had never been scuba diving before, but after a crash course at the hands of the bride’s father days before the wedding, he was able to go through the motions beneat the waves.

The wedding proceedings started out on the shores of the Red Sea, then the couple started their dive. The bride’s parents then set up a seating area for the couple underwater and the couple took their wedding picture there, diving masks, wedding veil and all.

Amr Abu Greisha said that the wedding ceremony was unusual but much cheaper than most people would spend.

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