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Egyptian MPs call for sacking Supply Minister over soaring prices

Representative Nafie Abdel-Hadi called, during a plenary session for the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, for the dismissal or resignation of the Supply and Internal Trade Minister Ali al-Moselhi.

During a request for a briefing from the Minister submitted to the parliament speaker, Nafie said that: “The ministry handed over the Egyptian people to greedy merchants, and helped to magnify the role of monopolists and not play its role in controlling prices in the markets. These high prices exceeded the limit and imagination.”

The member of the House of Representatives continued that the ministry is pursuing policies opposite to the policies of the President, who calls for controlling prices and confronting monopoly, but the ministry is going in the opposite direction, “and I demand the dismissal of the Minister of Supply or his resignation.”

MP Olfat al-Mazlawi addressed the Supply Minister saying: “You cannot continue with us.” She added in a different request for briefing: “You are a minister in distress, and you export problems to the MPs, and you do not meet with them to solve problems.”

Mazlawi noted the crisis of high prices and the disappearance of bread, and repeated her words, saying: “You are no longer useful to continue with us.”

During the plenary session, members of Parliament directed to Moselhi 126 briefing requests, 19 parliamentary questions, and six general discussion requests. It deals with ways to control markets to confront monopoly, high prices and shortages of some commodities, and a plan to maintain strategic stocks to face the global food crisis.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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