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Egyptian tourists third biggest spenders in UK

The British Office for National Statistics said tourists from the Middle East are the biggest spenders in the United Kingdom, with Egyptians coming in at third place over all other nationalities.

Tourist from the Middle East spend a whopping 173 Sterling pounds (or LE2,052) on average per day, while tourists from the United Arab Emirates came in second place with 156 Sterling pounds (or LE1,852).

Egyptian tourists pay 149 Sterling pounds (or LE1,769) per day while in the United Kingdom, followed by Nigerians, who spend 143 Sterling pounds (or LE1,697).

Meanwhile, US and European tourists spend significantly less while staying in the United Kingdom. Though French tourists are the most common visitor to the country, they only average 71 Sterling pounds (or LE842). Germans are the second-most common nationality to visit the United Kingdom, but only spend 74 Sterling pounds (or LE877). US visitors spent an average of 115 Sterling pounds (or LE1,364).
The statistics suggest that only the most affluent visitors from the top countries on the list are able to visit the United Kingdom, while many other less affluent citizens from more developed countries still manage to visit the country, despite having not as high incomes.