ElBaradei calls for drafting a new constitution now to calm strife

Mohamed EBaradei, a reformer and potential presidential candidate, called for drafting a new constitution before Egypt's parliamentary and presidential elections.

"In the light of chaos and fragmentation, it is time to take the right path: a new constitution to enlighten our way and determine constants," said ElBaradei on Twitter, adding that the parliamentary and presidential elections should be carried out respectively when the situation calms down.
He called for an awareness that security and the economy are dependent on each other.
He also warned of neglecting the dialogue between the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the government on one hand and political parties and forces on the other, especially with regards the laws on exercising political rights and party formation.
The National Association for Change, headed by ElBaradei, and the campaign "Egyptians for Free and Fair Elections" submitted a document to the SCAF and government concerning the law of exercising political rights, where they stressed the importance of holding the parliamentary and Shura Council elections with the system of proportional representation. They want 80 percent of the seats to be contested using proportional representation, and 20 percent using the system of a single-winner voting system for independent candidates.
The document said that the law should require that the judges in the committees supervising elections should be from the cassation and appeal courts.
It also demanded that people be allowed to use IDs and passports in elections and that expatriates be given the right to vote.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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