ElBaradei’s supporters use street art to highlight presidential bid

Supporters of presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei in Alexandria have decided to use graffiti to support his candidacy.

The group calls itself Baradaawy Ultras, an apparent reference to radical football fans, and is touring streets at night to draw pro-ElBaradei graffiti on walls.

It started its first campaign in the Mina al-Bassal area, west of Alexandria. The effort was not well-received by residents, some of whom said the group was defacing walls. 

The group also distributed leaflets to passers-by to explain the objectives of the campaign and list where their upcoming tours will be.

Mohamed Farouq, a graffiti artist and member of the campaign, said this is the first time graffiti is being used in a presidential campaign in Egypt.

Graffiti is not widespread in Egypt, but it does have enthusiasts, he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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