Erdogan says Egyptian ambassador has to leave by 29 November

Turkish Foreign Ministry announced Saturday that Turkey downgraded diplomatic relations with Egypt to the level of charge d’affaires, following a similar move by Egypt earlier on Saturday.
In response to Cairo decision on reducing diplomatic representation to charge d’affaires level, Erdogan told reporters on Saturday, “We always respect whoever respects people’s will.  We will always show respect. The stance taken against our ambassador was followed by one in response. We granted their ambassador period until 29 November to leave Turkey.”
Erdogan reacted harshly against Egypt’s decision to declare Turkish ambassador in Cairo as ‘persona non-grata’ and said he would never respect those who came in power with a military coup. Erdogan also said, “our attitude is not against Egyptian people, but the coup makers.”
“We do not respect those who do not respect people’s sovereignty,” Erdogan said.
Egyptian Foreign Ministry expelled on Saturday the Turkish ambassador to Cairo, downgrading diplomatic relations with Turkey and declaring the Turkish ambassador a “persona non-grata.”
In a statement, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that the Egyptian ambassador will also be recalled from Ankara.
Erdogan added that the move is not against Egyptians, but against the ‘coup government’ as he mentioned.
Edited translation from Anadolu Agency

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